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Before we enjoy our time together, I have a few guidelines that will ensure our time goes smoothly and very satisfying. Please take a look at my etiquette below to see what I require from my clients. Let's do this right and create many memorable experiences


Etiquette doesn't only include appearance. Kindness and Respect are KEY to having a successful engagement and also leaves the door open for more dates in the future. Offensive language, drunken behavior, and lewd conduct do not interest me, and I will not partake. 



 I am punctual and will reach your desired location at least 5 minutes of the scheduled time and ask that you do the same. If you cancel within 24hours of our appointment more than once I will no longer be able to see you. If you are going to be late, kindly let me know and also note that I will not be able to accommodate you beyond our agreed time.


After submitting your request for an appointment, I will contact you via email confirming your booked appointment. After the appointment is set and deposit is paid, I will make to schedule a get to know you phone call. Pick the time and I will make the call. 



Please take care of the donation request at the beginning of our date. My contributions are not to be discussed or negotiated upon meeting. Please present the donation in an unsealed envelope in the open upon our private meeting before we begin. If we meet in a public place: Please make sure my contribution is presented in gift bag or a thank you card.



Information given for screening is to verify you are who you say you are and for my safety. Without exception, I require all first-time gentlemen to be screened. I value our discretion. My identity is essential to me, which is why my face is hidden. For public outings, if (NDA's) are needed to be signed, I have done so in the past.


Because I appreciate our time together, I will go to great lengths to prepare myself, right down to every detail. I will always be impeccably groomed and freshly showered; I expect the same from you. If you are coming from work or traveling I will allow you t to shower but I ask you to let me know in advance so I can give you an extra 10 minutes to your session without charge. Water will be available for you to enjoy. You are more than welcome to bring your favorite drink for us to share or make a request in advance during our email correspondence.


 I understand that some people enjoy the use of drugs and alcohol, however, I do not use drugs and I am a social drinker. I asked that you do not take any drugs in my presence and for you to keep your alcohol consumption at a minimum so we can have a genuine good time. Any drug or too much use of alcohol consumption, I will end the appointment.

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