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Excited to meet you!

If you haven't already done so I strongly encourage you to refer to my Etiquette   page. Screening and a deposit are required for all new friends.

  • My Preferred Screening: Provided me with your company's website address and/or job number and extension. As I have stated previously, my screening process is discreet. 

  • LinkedIn profile  

  • Social media profile (Optional)

  • picture of photo ID (Address line blurred) 

  • Selfie with you holding your photo ID. 


Before our Date: After deposit is paid, I would love to get to know you with a quick scheduled phone call before our date. This phone call is complimentary and a way for us to get acquainted. Just provide a good time for us to talk and I will contact you only then.  Please refer to my FAQs page for more information!


202-855-6076 TEXT ONLY

Eager to please, you've leaned how to get my attention

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Can't wait to meet you!

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